BLT Announces Adult Workshop Offering



Here’s your chance to improve your acting skills in this roundtable discussion workshop on dialog

We’ll have fun

  • discussing problems in dialog delivery
  • cold reading scenes and analyzing what could have been said better
  • exchanging techniques for memorizing lines
  • reviewing favorite or troublesome scripts
  • exploring topics of interest from the floor
  • Have you ever had the actor’s dream? Have you ever gone blank on stage? Has the actor facing you ever gone blank?
  • How do you stress a line correctly? How do you whisper? (give an aside)? “quote a word or phrase”? mispronunciate a word intentionably?
  • possibly a guest speaker
>>Share your experiences with your interested friends, and learn from their experiences, pleasant or other>> Yes, there’s more to delivery than just saying the lines accurately and on cue!

Where?  Baytown Little Theater  4328 Hugh Echols Boulevard

When?  7:30 to 9:00 pm

three Tuesdays:             21 August    28 August    4 Sept  2012

How much?    Free to members of the Baytown Little Theater.Membership in the theater is available as student or family, and is required if one wants to work in a show at the theater.
Please register at Workshop facilitator is Tom Grail. Please contact him at (281) 424-4049 for more information.


About Kim

Theater teacher/director. Currently serving as president of the Baytown Little Theater
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