Mission & Vision Statement

The purpose of Baytown Little Theater shall be to promote the fine arts, and to produce and present dramatic productions as an educational, cultural, nonprofit, community project.

It is the vision of the Baytown Little Theater, under the guidance of the board of directors, to maintain responsible and accountable, yet bold, use of Baytown Little theater resources both financial and human by:

  • continuing our tradition of quality theatrical productions while introducing an ever expanding program of educational opportunities
  • promoting a community presence of Baytown Little Theater by effective publicity and marketing
  • increasing the membership base by encouraging participation and enthusiasm, while maintaining the sense of family that is the hallmark of Baytown Little Theater
  • motivating involvement of membership through effectively structured working committees
  • building participation from surrounding communities through marketing and outreach to create a diverse and regional art center
  • creating a year round youth program involving educational and performance opportunities
  • developing a facility which will provide multiple performance and rehearsal spaces to accommodate the growing needs and interests of the membership and community