About the BLT

About the BLT


The Baytown Little Theater is an incorporated, non-profit cultural organization. Our mission is ti offer the play-going public the very best in comedy, dramatic and musical productions. We are an all-volunteer theater supported by the generosity of individuals, families and businesses by membership dues and by ticket sales

Our productions have been compared favorably with those of The Alley Theater, Stages, and TUTS (Theater Under The Stars) in Houston. We are fortunate to draw upon a wealth of willing talent and energetic volunteers who all love the theater and want to be a part of the community theater experience

BLT History

In May, 1961, 60 friends gathered with an idea at Goose Creek Country Club and planned the formation of a legal organization to produce community enrichment. Because of their enthusiasm, 40 families quickly joined the non-profit entity called Baytown Little Theater, and when the first production, “Biography,” was staged in August, family memberships had reached 100. “Biography” ran for three days in a rented grocery market building on Bayway Drive — to the delight of 527 theater-goers and the Little Theater’s treasury. With initial success to spur it on, the fledgling community theater produce three more plays. In the summer of 1962 the Baytown Little Theater purchased the old market building and began its gradual conversion to a theater-in-the round. Members voluntarily gave their knowledge and energy to build the necessary additions. By the close of the 1968-1969 season, membership had more than doubled. From the Baytown Sun of March 31, 1969:

There was one interesting feature of the theater that was around for many years — a large lally column smack dab in the middle of the stage that couldn’t be removed as it was a major support of the roof. All sorts of creative staging took place that incorporated this column — it was the center pole of a tent, for example; it was the chimney for a wood stove, and it was many, many other things across the years. Then Humble Oil (now Exxon-Mobile) donated equipment, and and materials to take out the column and install a steel beam in it’s place. Staging a production became much easier after this and the Theater was most grateful for this major enhancement.

On Friday the 13th of July 2007, the theater was destroyed when a car drive down Baker Road out of control and straight through the side wall to the other side of the arena. This accident occurred only two seeks before the opening of Titanic: the Musical. With the help of many people and the determination of the director, Jason Howard, the show opened on-time at the Cedar Bayou Middle School. The theater’s productions are now being held at a temporary space on Hugh Echols Blvd.

As we come closer to our 50th anniversary, we have plans to build a new theater, and to continue to expand our membership and our audiences. With two theater facilities we will have a place for our BLTeens and other community groups. We will also have rehearsal space that does not interferer with the current production which in turn offers the opportunity of additional productions, or longer runs of particularly popular plays and musicals.

The Baytown Little Theater, with your continued support, has a bright and wonderful future

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