Spring is the Time for Youth

It’s March, and when March comes around at BLT, many of our members begin asking, “What’s going on with the Youth activities? What are we taking to TNT this year?” TNT is shorthand for the Texas Nonprofit Theatre’s annual Youth Conference, which the Baytown Little Theater youth have participated in for the past dozen years. It takes place in June, and we have to begin making preparations for an exciting production right now.

Under the leadership of John Morales, the BLTeens have had a great year, with classes beginning in August and continuing to now, but the classes are coming to an end for this school year to make way for the upcoming youth show: Starmites Lite. Starmites is an 80s themed broadway musical wherein a girl enters her comic book and becomes a super heroine. Auditions for Starmites Lite will be held at the Baytown Little Theater on March 17th at 11 A M. The BLTeens will preview the show at the BLT and will perform it at the Texas Nonprofit Theatres Youth Conference, June 6-10, in Lewisville, Texas.
For more information contact John Morales via e-mail, BLTeens@baytown.littletheater.org

This activity is open to all youth who are in grades 6 through 12 (parents of younger kids should inquire about the possibility of their participation). Show up at the BLT March 17 to get all of the information.

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