Cast for The Foreigner Announced

Director Sam Estrada has announced the cast of The Foreigner, Larry Shue’s uproarious comedy set in a resort fishing lodge in backwoods Georgia owned by Betty Meeks, played by Francis Sutton. Two guests, Englishmen Froggy (Kenny Haney) and Charlie (Jim Wadzinski) arrive, and to keep Charlie from having to talk to anyone, Froggy passes him off as an exotic native who does not understand a word of English. Complications arrive in the characters of local Ku Klux Klan member Owen Musser, played by Kenny Wade, southern belle Catherine Simms (Chelsea Dennard), and her fiance Reverend David (John Morales). Along with Catherine’s simple-minded brother Ellard Simms, played by Neal Gage, the entire cast figures into the resolution of mystery, suspense, and hijinks.

See the production details.

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