Auditions for Mystery Comedy Coming September 11 & 12

Casting for the next production of the Baytown Little Theater season is coming up soon. As usual, after opening weekend of the previous play, A Family Night of One Acts, auditions for the next production, Three Murders and It’s Only Monday, by Pat Cook, directed by Joy Woods, will take place Sunday & Monday, September 11 & 12, at 7:00 PM at the theater , 4328 Hugh Echols Blvd.

Three Murders is a spoof of the old-style private eye movies, in which the victims and suspects are outnumbered only by the laughs. According to Private Eye Harry Monday, who is called in to investigate three murders at Peaceful Sanitarium,  “It was the kind of night when you caught yourself holding your breath for no reason at all.”  What do an old tramp, a sea captain, and a ventriloquist have in common?  Why would lawyer Lilly Dramkean get involved  in shady deals?  Why did Larramore take a night off on the date of the murders?  And, how come no one can ever keep track of socialite Mary Tobias, “one of those dames from Who’s Who who don’t know what’s what,” Harry says.  Throw in the Indian, the Swede, and the Nurse and the confusion multiplies!  The hilarity comes fast and furious, and the ending will simply kill you!

Author Pat Cook is a resident of Houston and has been writing plays since his days growing up in Frankston, Texas. With over fifty plays to his credit, he is actively involved in “Audience Participation Murder Mysteries.” BLT produced his The Little Old Ladies in the House on the Corner in a recent season to popular acclaimed. Joy Woods directed this effort also, and we expect her to recreate the popular success of that effort. For more information, contact Joy Woods at

The cast consists of 14 roles played by five men and four women, including:

Captain Mandrake, a blustery old ship’s captain
Danny O’Donnall, an old ventriloquist
Harry Monday, a cliche of a private eye
Dr. Morrissey, a nervous 40-year-old man
Beatrice Smith, the doctor’s wise-cracking aide
Tara Dillaise, the dame, the doll
Larramore Mandrake, a flamboyant 40-year-old actor
Lilly Dramkean, a 40-year-old business woman
Mary Tobias, a flighty 35-year-old socialite
Humphrey Hopkins, a 30-year-old American Indian, although his pale skin gives him away
Hans,  a gardener with a Norwegian accent
Thunder O’Brien, a hulk of a man
Rhea Tetley, a blithery 50-year-old in curlers

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